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To those who agonize over the perfect hue. To those whose brilliant ideas hit them in the shower. To those who cannot live without creating.

This issue is for you.


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From overcoming the cultural differences between Singapore and America to shutting us down in a spicy food eating contest, Kimberly Ong is not a force to be messed with. Motion designer and co-founder of the stationery line, Kiin, Kimberly takes us through her journey in issue 1.


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There’s a curios warmth and excitement when it comes to the work of Andrew Pena, Los Angeles based artist and illustrator. His loose, painterly movements come together to create serene landscapes and dynamic characters. Catch up with us in our latest issue.

Portrait by Juan Gutierrez

Portrait by Juan Gutierrez


Writing is to a finished book as stroking baby tomatoes is to a meaty ragu.

— Dr. Aja Gabel